Hounslow’s Park Rangers helping us to Love Parks

Hounslow's Park Ranger service has been operating in the borough's parks and open spaces since March. During that time the service has made a significant impact.

Published: Friday, 5th August 2022

photo of park rangers with police
On patrol: Hounslow's Park Rangers on a joint patrol with police officers.

Hounslow Council’s newly introduced Park Ranger Services is helping residents and visitors to get the most out of the borough’s parks and open spaces.

The members of the new Park Ranger Service have become regular features as they patrol the borough’s parks throughout the week.

As part of national Love Parks Week (29 July – Aug 5), we are promoting the great work the team is doing to make the borough’s parks safe, clean and accessible for everyone.

The team is the first port of call to all visitors to the borough’s parks, giving out useful information and collecting feedback from the public.

The rangers also work alongside the Council’s existing enforcement teams and the police to respond to incidents of anti-social behaviour, graffiti and fly-tipping.

They take on practical tasks such as litter picks and environmental improvement works to enhance the look of the parks and open spaces.

Since the service was introduced in March, the rangers have spent more than 800 hours patrolling the borough’s parks, removed over 200 pieces of graffiti, 96 items of fly-tipped waste, removed more than 1,400 bags of rubbish and dealt with twenty abandoned vehicles.

The ranger service is a joint initiative between Hounslow Council and its parks partner, Lampton Community Services (LCS).

The service operates across 19 of the borough’s parks and are split into three teams, covering the West, Central and East areas of Hounslow.

The parks have been selected as part of the pilot project based on their size. Based on the success of the initial phase, the Council and its partners would look to expanding the scope of the service in the future.

photo of park rangers

Getting to know you: Park Rangers are introducing the service to visitors and residents.

Hounslow Council’s Cabinet Member for Parking, Parks and Leisure Services, Councillor Salman Shaheen, said: “It's heartening to see our dedicated team out and about in the borough. Hounslow’s treasured parks and open spaces are an asset to our residents and they make Hounslow a wonderful place to visit.

"That's why we want to ensure they are clean, safe and inviting for everyone who uses them."

"The park rangers play a major role in making sure that Hounslow has parks that we can all continue to be proud of.”

role in making sure that Hounslow has parks that we can all continue to be proud of.”

Lampton Community Services Director of Transformation, Simon Shewry, said, The Park Rangers are having a terrific impact across the Borough to ensure parks are safe and welcoming spaces for everyone to enjoy. Please speak to them when you see them in a park near you to learn more about their roles and give your thoughts on how we can make parks even better.”

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