Dog owner pays huge price for failing to register her pooch properly

A Hounslow resident must pay out nearly £2,000 in fines and costs after not complying to dog microchipping regulations

Published: Tuesday, 8th August 2017

A dog being micro chipped

A Hounslow resident must pay out nearly £2,000 in fines and costs after not complying to dog microchipping regulations.

Luan Mitchell, of Tivoli Road, Hounslow, consistently failed to update registration details on the database which meant when her dog went missing, Hounslow Council’s animal control officers were unable to locate her immediately as its owner.

Although the dog, a border terrier, was microchipped when it had been found at Hounslow Heath and handed into a local veterinary practice in September last year, when officers tried to contact Miss Mitchell at the address and telephone number registered, they were unable to do so as she had moved house.

When Miss Mitchell did come and collect her dog the next day, she was issued with a notice that required her to update the details within 21 days, otherwise she would face a fine of up to £500.

A check by officers to the database in November last year, revealed the details had not yet been updated as required. A reminder letter was sent to Miss Mitchell, giving her 14 days in which to update information.

A further check in March of this year, showed that the details were still not updated but when animal control officers visited Miss Mitchell at her home, they confirmed the dog was present there.

At Ealing Magistrates Court, on Monday 3 July, Miss Mitchell was found guilty in her absence and fined £500 and ordered to pay costs of £1,382.50 plus a £50 Victim Surcharge.

It has been a legal requirement since 6th April 2016 for all dogs in England over eight weeks old to be microchipped.

In addition, the keeper’s correct name, address, and telephone number where necessary, should be kept up to date.

Dog owners who do not comply with these regulations may be issued with a notice giving them 21 days in which to do so. If they do not comply with such a notice, then they could face prosecution.

Councillor Hanif Khan, Cabinet Member for Community Protection and Enforcement, Hounslow Council, said: “It is a legal requirement to have your dog microchipped and an owner’s responsibility to ensure the registration details are correct. If you move home or take on a dog previously chipped to another person, those details must be changed.

“Failing to do this means more stray dogs not being able to be returned to their owners and there are increasing costs to the Council in a bid to bring people to account.

“We have many dog owners in our borough and most are very responsible. But for those who aren’t, it is a legal requirement and we will take the strongest action possible if the regulations are not abided by.”

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