5 things you didn’t know about the new Cabinet Member for Housing

Learn more about Councillor Sue Sampson, Cabinet Member for Housing Management and Homelessness.

Published: Monday, 4th July 2022

Cllr Sampson

Councillor Sue Sampson was recently appointed Cabinet Member for Housing Management and Homelessness at Hounslow Council. She has been a councillor since 2010 and represents the Isleworth ward. 
Cllr Sampson has lived in Hounslow her whole life.

  1. As a child, she watched the Ivybridge Estate being built as she lived on the Worple estate opposite and attended Worple Road Primary School. Sue moved onto the estate after getting married in 2021. She was one of the first pupils to attend Ivybridge Primary School in the 1970s and credits the estate’s community spirit for igniting her passion for public service. 
  2. When she was Mayor in 2017-8, she raised the most amount of money ever recorded in Hounslow for her chosen mayoral charity. She raised more than £74,000 for the Pink Ribbon Foundation and Refuge – both charities that are incredibly close to her heart. Cllr Sampson had breast cancer in 2006 and lost her sister when she was just eight years old to domestic violence; her sister was shot dead by her estranged husband.
  3. Her passion is empowering young people to fulfil their potential. Growing up on a council estate, Cllr Sampson knows the difficulties young people face. She wants to create safe hubs for young people to enjoy music, sport and other activities. The boxing gym/classes at Ivybridge Estate are now so popular that young people are coming to the sessions from other parts of the borough. Cllr Sampson is working to replicate the success of the boxing gym on other estates throughout the Borough. 
  4. Cllr Sampson worked in housing management for 26 years. She started her working career with Co-op Homes as a Repairs Officer, Voids Officer, moving onto Compliance, Housing Management and Head of Operations . She believes her direct experience of working in the housing sector will be instrumental in this role. 
  5. She used to attend football matches at Griffin Park in the 1970/80s with her dad. Her favourite player was the Welsh player Iori Jenkins. But when Brentford FC sold him, she lost interest and stopped going to games. She has hundreds of autographs from him! 
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