More trees for the Jubilee

Hounslow Council continues to pay tribute to The Queen's Platinum Jubilee by planting special commemorative trees in the borough.

Published: Thursday, 16th June 2022

photo of one of the Jubilee trees
Royal Green: One of the Jubilee trees planted in Hounslow.

Hot on the heels of Hounslows spectacular Platinum Jubilee weekend, our borough is keeping the celebration going with more tree tributes.

The Councils parks team and partner GreenSpace 360 have been putting in the spadework to boost the boroughs tree count as part of the jubilee celebrations.

Hounslow supports the Queens Green Canopy project, which encourages everyone to plant a tree for the jubileeand register it on the website. 

Hundreds of new trees have been added to Hounslows green scene as part of the project.

The latest locations are some of the boroughs most popular open spaces. New trees have been planted at Turnham Green, Boston Manor Park, St Pauls Recreation Ground, Sutton Manor and Farnell Road open space. Varieties include cherry, horse chestnut, holly, hornbeam and crab apple. 

Jubilee commemorative plaques have also been installed at these locations to mark the trees as part of the Queens Green Canopy. 

Hounslow Council has pledged to plant as many new trees as possible in the borough, including one for each child born in Hounslow each year.

Hounslow Councils Cabinet Member for Parking, Parks and Leisure, Councillor Salman Shaheen, said: The community of Hounslow did our borough proud during the Jubilee Weekend celebration. We want the spirit of that event to continue through a lasting green legacy, which will mark this moment, bring pleasure for generations to come, and contribute to tackling climate change and air pollution.”

Hounslow Council is committed to making our borough a cleaner, greener and healthier place for everyone. Our tree planting programmes are essential to this work.”

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