Tackling tenancy fraud

This week (15-20 November) is International Fraud Awareness Week, and Hounslow Council’s investigation team is continuing its work to tackle fraud.

Published: Wednesday, 17th November 2021

Image of Cllr Lily Bath, Deputy Leader of Hounslow Council and Lead Member for Housing.

Tackling illegal tenancy fraud is a priority for Hounslow Council, and a variety of techniques are used by our dedicated housing fraud team to identify cases for investigation.

Tenancy fraud can include:
    •    Giving false information when applying for a council property;
    •    The tenant of a council-owned property sub-letting it to someone else, even for a short period;
    •    Not living in a council property, when it should be your main home.

These actions could be a breach of tenancy and result in an application being rejected or even losing the right to remain in the property. Serious cases may result in prosecution, which could result in a fine and even imprisonment.

Cllr Lily Bath, Hounslow Council Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Housing said; “Not only it is breaking the law, but tenancy fraud is unfair to those in genuine need of housing, who will often be living in temporary accommodation while waiting for a suitable property to become available. We currently have more than 4,000 households on our housing register waiting list and will not hesitate to take action against anyone who is denying them a roof over their heads by committing tenancy fraud.”

If you suspect tenancy fraud, or if you think you may have been duped into sub-letting a council property from the genuine tenant, you can contact the confidential tenancy fraud hotline 020 8583 3777 or you can email tenancyfraud@hounslow.gov.uk or fill on an online form on our website.

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