The new and improved Chiswick Area Forum returns this September

Next meeting on Tuesday 14 September at 7pm at Chiswick Town Hall - the Future of Public Transport and Supporting Young and Old are on the agenda.

Published: Friday, 10th September 2021

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The new and improved Chiswick Area Forum returns to Chiswick Town Hall at 7pm on 14 September after an eight-month hiatus, with 60 free seats available to reserve online so residents can participate in discussions within the open forum. 

Featuring a more community-focused, forward-looking agenda, and a refreshed layout, there will be three Chiswick Area Forums this year, with other dates in October and January. The September session will have social-distancing measures in place. 

Councillor Joanna Biddolph, chairman of the Chiswick Area Forum this year, has added two important agenda sections to give residents the opportunity to explore community issues: Chiswick Community Matters and Chiswick Future.

Chiswick Community Matters aims to amplify the work of smaller local organisations, help them find solutions to challenges in their work to improve the lives of people in the area.

On 14 September, this spotlight will be on both ends of the age spectrum, with illuminating presentations from Age Concern and the Hogarth Community Centre on young and elderly peoples’ concerns.

Chiswick Future will be an opportunity to discuss policy decisions that impact everyday life – the September session will look at the future of public transport in Chiswick with Nicholas Rogers, London Assembly representative for South West London and member of the GLA transport committee.

The lack of accessibility at tube stations, issues around Turnham Green tube station and reduced bus routes are all on the agenda. Concerns about Cycleway 9, Streetspace road schemes, LTNs will not be on the agenda. 

Cllr Joanna Biddolph, a Chairman of the Chiswick Area Forum, said: "As we return to the Area Forums, I want residents to be sure that we Chiswick councillors really do want to hear from and listen to residents, business owners and people who work in Chiswick.

“This hiatus was a good opportunity to re-evaluate the format, and as this is the first Area Forum to be held in eight months, I hope it will inspire more ideas and change in the Borough for other forums.

“Even the layout of the room will be different. When I attended Area Forums before I was elected, the gap between residents and the top table of councillors felt very ‘us versus them’. I have tried to soften that feel, social-distancing measures allowing. I have other ideas but making those changes is taking longer.

“I am so pleased that Nicholas Rogers AM, Age Concern and the Hogarth Community Centre can join us and am looking forward to gaining their useful insights on important local issues that have slipped down the local agenda.”

Councillor Biddolph said that the sessions in October and January will have fuller agendas, ensuring Chiswick residents have a public platform to connect with councillors and neighbours over the issues that really matter to them. 

To book a seat, please email

The agenda can be found here.

Seats must be booked to manage numbers due to social distancing measures, 60 places are available. The area forum will be held in the main hall, the largest room at Chiswick Town Hall. Masks must be worn when moving around the room and the Town Hall. 

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