Statement from Cllr Guy Lambert in response to Brentford Towers article in local press

Cllr Guy Lambert, Lead member for Recycling; Waste, Highways and Trading Companies, defends Brentford Towers community following local news site misreporting.

Published: Wednesday, 8th September 2021

Image of Cllr Guy Lambert, Cabinet Member for Highways, Recycling and Trading Companies

“During my 10 years of living in Brentford, and visiting the estate frequently as a councillor, I have never once felt the slightest bit threatened. Complaints of crime and anti-social behaviour are few and far between.

“Our local Police confirm the estate (and Brentford in general) has few problems and I was rather astonished that the reporter, Finn Byrne, from My London, found his visit so harrowing.

"I have discussed this with the Chairwoman of the Brentford Residents’ Association and we would like to offer Mr Byrne a guided tour where we will serve as bodyguards, so that he should get a good idea of what really goes on here.

“The truth is, there is good community spirit, beautiful landscaping and secure and happy residents, and hopefully - he won’t find that too intimidating.

“Hounslow Council has completed an investment of over £8m to transform and improve the estate with new external waste bins and recycling facilities, LED lamp posts and improved footways, carriageways and car parks.

“We’ve delivered repairs, redecoration and refurbishment, and created eleven much-needed, quality new homes.

“Working closely with the community just last month we saw an iconic, high-quality Cruyff Court sports pitch open.

“It is already being well-used by young people who are having a brilliant time and getting active.

“Brentford Towers, and the wider Green Dragon Estate, is a proud community – and rightly so, and I’m proud to serve them as their Councillor.”

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