Changes to the Streetspace trial ‘school street’ on Staveley Road, and new trial announced for Burlington Lane, Chiswick

Following the emergence of Covid-19 and in response to Statutory guidance issued by Central Government in May 2020, the council introduced a number of trial access restrictions during 2020.

Published: Wednesday, 1st September 2021

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Following the emergence of Covid-19 and in response to Statutory guidance issued by Central Government in May 2020, the council introduced a number of trial access restrictions during 2020 (our Streetspace programme) as Experimental Traffic Orders (ETMOs) which saw the trial measures implemented in tandem with consultation.

We are grateful for the feedback received during these trials, robust independent Interim and Final review points were also factored into the process for each trial measure in order to analyse this feedback, along with traffic data such as recorded changes in traffic flow, journey times and/or speed on the network in the vicinity of schemes taken from GPS data, and bus journey data and traffic counts.

The Interim and Final review findings have been published on our website including the relevant Chief Officer Decision; a consultation analysis for each scheme; and the transport analysis reports.

Following careful consideration, the Council has decided that the majority of trial measures will be made permanent, including measures in South Chiswick such as the Hartington Road northbound access restriction, and the diagonal barrier on Park Road / Staveley Road.

In consideration of the trial ‘school street’ on Staveley Road, it is acknowledged that a majority of respondents ‘strongly oppose’ the measure, and the consultation analysis report details that ‘the primary area of concern is increased congestion on surrounding roads, notably Sutton Court Road and Burlington Lane, causing longer journeys due to traffic displacement from Staveley Road’. Additionally, concerns were raised about increased congestion on narrower roads in the vicinity such as Park Road.

It is also noted that ‘over one fifth of the respondents supported the measure due to the reduced volume of traffic on Staveley Road’. The objectives of these schemes are aligned to the council’s Transport Strategy (the Local Implementation Plan), through measures that; create safer and more attractive spaces for walking and cycling; reduce through traffic on residential roads, thereby creating low traffic neighbourhoods that are more conducive to active travel.

Bearing the above in mind, and concerns about displacement of traffic onto Burlington Lane, Sutton Court Road, and other narrower roads in the vicinity, the Council has decided that:

  • The trial ‘school street’ scheme on Staveley Road, Chiswick will have it’s operational hours extended so that general traffic will be restricted from 8am to 5pm Monday – Saturday (term time only). Buses and permit holders within the ‘Grove Park’ and ‘Fauconberg’ Controlled Parking Zone areas, and Staveley Road allotment holders will be exempt.
  • A new ETMO will be created at the Burlington Lane junction with the A316, the effect of which will be to prohibit entry onto Burlington Lane from the A316.

The restriction is proposed to start northwest of the access to Chiswick Sports Centre, therefore access to both the school entrance, and the sports facilities, as well as to the cemetery entrance nearer the A316 junction, will be maintained via the A316. 

The council have started to receive a high level of enquiries on these measures. As these changes will be implemented as ETMOs, the Council will therefore commence a new six-month period of consultation to capture views of residents and businesses, to help determine at the end of the trial period, whether the measures should be made permanent, amended or reversed.

Further updates will be added to our website once dates are available on when these changes will be made operational, along with details on how to submit feedback during the trial period.

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