School Streets made permanent, update on Streetspace and views wanted on C9

After an extensive listening exercise and independent review, Hounslow Council has announced that it will make the borough’s School Streets trials permanent.

Published: Friday, 27th August 2021

School Street cyclists

School Streets, which were first introduced in Hounslow in 1997, aim to restrict motor traffic near schools and reduce the use of private vehicles on the journey to and from school. 
New School Street trials were introduced at 23 schools across the borough during lockdown last year. These schemes will now remain in place, with restrictions to cars operating in the morning and afternoon during school arrival and leaving times. 
Chiswick School will benefit from an enhanced scheme, with a new trial starting on Staveley Road, which is adjacent to the school. 
The trial will see all traffic restricted, except for local buses and permit holders, between 8 am and 5 pm, in response to feedback from residents regarding an increase in traffic on Burlington Lane.

Residents and businesses in the Grove Park and Fauconberg Controlled Parking Zone areas, and Staveley Road allotment holders will be eligible for permits.
Permit holders will be able to access Staveley Road at all times and Burlington Lane will allow exit-only traffic onto the Great Chertsey Road (A316).

The new trial will test whether the modifications can better balance the need to provide access to residents and businesses while reducing through traffic from the roads that border Chiswick School and other streets in the area.
Councillor Hanif Khan, Cabinet Member for Transport and One Hounslow at Hounslow Council, said: “School Streets have proved to be very popular with parents and pupils, and residents, so I’m delighted to confirm today that these schools will continue to benefit from the schemes. 
"School Streets help to improve road safety for pupils, parents, and teachers on their way to and from school, promoting walking, cycling, and reduce pollution in the area around schools.

“They’re helping us deliver on our target to become a net-zero borough by 2030 by reducing car usage and encouraging the alternatives. That’s on top of improved air quality, which is especially important for children while their lungs are still developing, and safer roads for all our residents.
“We’re exploring whether there are other schools that would benefit from School Streets as well.” 
The future of Streetspace across the borough 

Hounslow Council has decided to make the following schemes permanent:

  • Duke Road 

  • Dan Mason Drive 

  • Wellesley Road 

  • Stile Hall Gardens 

  • Strand on the Green / Thames Road 

  • Hartington Road  

  • Harvard Hill 

  • Staveley Road/Park Road 

  • Chestnut Avenue 

  • Whitestile Road 

  • Challis Road 

  • Green Dragon Lane  

  • Amhurst Gardens  

  • Teesdale Avenue  

  • Teesdale Gardens 

Councillor Khan said “Over the last few months, after extensive engagement with residents, we’ve removed and amended Streetspace trials that were not working as intended, and today we’ve made permanent those trials that are working well. 

“We know there is a range of strongly-held views about Streetspace, and we hope that our balanced approach to reviewing the trials has demonstrated that we really are listening and trying to reach the best outcomes. 
“Once again, I want to thank residents for taking part in the Streetspace consultation and attending our engagement meetings."

Cycleway 9

Hounslow Council is also gathering the views of residents to assess how the Cycleway 9 trial may affect people with Protected Characteristics. Residents are being invited to complete a survey online.

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