Vote for your community heroes – new awards launched for Hounslow

Hounslow Council is recognising and celebrating the efforts of residents, community groups and businesses across the borough through a new civic awards.

Published: Wednesday, 18th August 2021

Image of the One Hounslow Community Awards logo.

Hounslow Council is recognising and celebrating the efforts of residents, community groups and businesses across the borough through a new civic awards.

The One Hounslow’ Community Awards will be held at Hounslow House in October and the Council is asking for nominations from all parts of the borough for people or organisations who have gone above and beyond for their communities over recent months.

There are ten categories and nominations will open on 18 August and close on 10 September. Nominations can be made at and paper nomination forms will be made available at Hounslow House and public libraries. People will also be able to submit applications online via video.

Cllr Steve Curran, Leader of Hounslow Council, said:

“Hounslow is an outstanding borough, and we are able to claim that because of the magnificent efforts of so many of its residents, businesses and organisations.

“I’ve been so proud and continually humbled by how our borough has risen to the challenge of the Covid pandemic, working together to support each other at every turn. However, the inspiring efforts across our communities goes well beyond Covid.

“We want to recognise and celebrate these often unsung contributions, knowing that as a Council we would achieve a lot less without the community-minded efforts of our residents, businesses and local groups. We achieve so much more together than we do alone.”

Ten awards will be up for grabs on the night, with one, the ‘One Hounslow Spirit’ award, chosen from the other nine winners and voted for on the night. Winners will receive a certificate and a trophy.

The awards for which either individuals or organisations can be nominated (unless stated otherwise) are:

Making Hounslow Fairer  

  • The ‘Reaching Potential’ Award - for outstanding contribution to supporting residents reach their potential whatever their backgrounds or barriers.    
  • The ‘Building Trust’ Award - for outstanding contribution to building trust between people - increasing inclusion, reducing inequality and giving the ‘less heard’ a stronger voice.     

Making Hounslow Greener  

  • The ‘Green Innovation’ Award - for the outstanding contribution to addressing environmental challenges through creative new technologies, ideas or approaches.   
  • The ‘Cleaner, Greener Champion’ Award – for the outstanding contribution to improving local area, galvanising and educating communities to think green and respect their environment.    

Making Hounslow Stronger  

  • The ‘Community Heart’ Award – outstanding contribution to their local community, supporting neighbours, creating community spirit and strength. 
  • The ‘Community Together’ Award - outstanding contribution to galvanising people and organisations to work in partnership, particularly across diversity of communities (e.g. of ethnicity, age, disability, religion or belief, sexual orientation, gender) to overcome a challenge or create something positive for the wider benefit of others.   

Social Enterprise   

  • The Social Enterprise’ Award – for the outstanding contribution by a local business to supporting residents, communities and place beyond its core business.    

Covid Hero (individual)  

  • A one-off award this year, the ‘Covid Hero’ Award will be awarded for the outstanding contribution by an individual to support, protect and inspire communities during the pandemic.

One Hounslow Young Leader (individual)  

  • The ‘Young Leader’ Award - outstanding contribution by an under 25-year-old to their community or to the borough.   

One Hounslow Spirit   

  • The ‘One Hounslow Spirit’ Award – voted for on the night from the winners of the nine categories above.   

The ‘One Hounslow’ approach underpins how Hounslow Council is transforming how it delivers services and support, creates opportunities, and works with communities, public sector partners and local businesses. At its heart is partnership working, and a spirit of compassion, innovation, empowering people and knocking down barriers to get things done.

One Hounslow underpins the Council’s Borough Plan for Recovery, published last October, and its new Corporate Plan, published in March, which sets out how, in partnership, we will create a fairer, greener, stronger borough for all.

Councillor Hanif Khan, Cabinet Member for Transport and One Hounslow, said:

“The ‘One Hounslow’ spirit has been more evident than ever as our communities came together through the pandemic. The Council, our public sector partners, community organisations, faith groups, local businesses and small army of key workers and volunteers worked tirelessly and in new, collaborative ways to protect and support each other.

“As we hope to leave restrictions behind, we have an important moment to bring people together to celebrate the fantastic efforts of so many residents and organisations, both around Covid and in general. Particularly important are those people who have helped to reduce inequalities and connect and empower diverse communities.

“We want to say a proper thank you for all the outstanding contributions and hear from people across Hounslow about the people who inspire them. We encourage all of our partners, community and faith groups, and businesses to promote the awards and get nominations for those who have made a real difference this year.”

The nominations process which will be open on 18 August can be accessed at Any resident or borough-based business or organisation can nominate in any category, unless stated otherwise. Nominations do not need to be linked to the Covid pandemic. 

Nominations will require the completion of a simple online template which:  

  • Identifies the name, location and contact details of the individual or organisation nominated 
  • Identifies the category in which they are being nominated.  
  • Provide in not more than 3,000 characters (about 500 words): the reason for nomination, an explanation of how the individual or organisation nominated has contributed in the area of the award for which they are being put forward and provides evidence of the results of that contribution.  
  • Captures the name and contact details of the nominator.   

Nominations will close on 10 September when a shortlisting will take place with the shortlists published on the Council website.

Decision on the winners will be made by judging panels comprising a mix of representatives from the Council, public sector organisations, community representatives, businesses and subject experts, depending on the category.

Hounslow Council Councillors or officers are exempt from nominating or being nominated. The Council will be holding a separate staff awards to recognise the work of its staff.

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