Hogarth’s House to host “Greatest Female Artist”

Hogarth’s House will be hosting a very special exhibition by artist Paula Rego

Published: Friday, 23rd July 2021

Image of Hogarth's House, Chiswick

Hogarth’s House, which is managed by the London Borough of Hounslow, is to host a special exhibition by artist Paula Rego, described in The Times this year as “Britain’s Greatest Female Artist”. 

The free entry exhibition, of some 38 works, will run until November 26 2021, at Hogarth’s House. 

The works include original printing plates made by the artist and ‘The Wine Series’ - six never-seen-before prints which are to be given to Hogarth’s House. 

Councillor Samia Chaudhary, Hounslow’s Cabinet Member for Leisure Services said: “This is an honour for the Council and Hogarth’s House. We are so proud to be able to host the work of such an important artist at one of  our most important cultural sites.  This exhibition will draw visitors from around the  world and present local people with the chance to see this fascinating work in their own borough for free.   It’s very exciting for Hounslow to have this hand-selected  show of the artist’s work at the same time as there is a major Rego retrospective at the Tate Britain.” 

The exhibition will include a range of works from throughout Rego's career and explore her admiration for Hogarth’s work and its influence on her own. Hogarth has always been one of Dame Paula’s favourite artists and he has been big influence on her own work.  She has said: “Hogarth is a very English painter of what goes on. He paints it all. He tells it in the  form of a narrative so there are usually four or five pictures, like a comic, depicting  various stages of people's relationships and how things were. Hogarth shows  everything. He's a wonderful painter of chaos and cruelty. He creates extraordinary  images. In spite of the cruelty, there's also a great deal of tenderness for the people in  Hogarth's pictures. He's a curious mixture, which I find very startling, and that's what  I like.’   

The pieces in this exhibition have been generously loaned by The Cristea Roberts Gallery. This will be the first special exhibition on display at the House after the completion of the Mulberry Garden project which has seen the garden redesigned and a new learning space, the Weston Studio, added to the site. 

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