Newly recruited team to tackle blight of Borough’s £1m fly-tipping scourge

Hounslow Council has launched a new enforcement team to crack down on those who are guilty of fly-tipping and littering our streets and parks.

Published: Friday, 19th March 2021

Special Waste Service Fly-tipping enforcement
Cllr Lambert with new fly-tipping enforcement team special waste service

Hounslow Council has launched a new enforcement team to crack down on those who are guilty of fly-tipping and littering our streets and parks.

The Council’s newly recruited Special Waste Enforcement Service will patrol the borough and investigate reported fly-tips. They’ll be working with residents and businesses to gather key information, alongside an extensive network of CCTV cameras at their disposal to find offenders and make sure they are fined or prosecuted for their environmental crimes.

The enforcement campaign will also utilise posters in hotspots featuring piercing eyes with the message; Beware fly-tippers! Hounslow’s newly recruited enforcement officers are watching you.

It is estimated that fly-tipping costs the Council over £1 million a year, which could be spent on other Borough improvement projects. The Council faces a constant battle to keep our streets clean and safe, and we need residents’ support.

Councillor Guy Lambert, Hounslow Council’s Cabinet Member for Highways, Recycling and Trading Companies, said:

“We all love clean streets and want to live in a borough where people take pride and work together to achieve a cleaner, greener borough. The last year has seen us all spend much of our time at home and while there was almost no litter on our highstreets and town centres, fly-tipping incidents remained alarmingly high. We want to ensure that our borough looks its best when lockdown restrictions ease and we can go out and enjoy ourselves again.

“Fly-tipping on our streets and green spaces, blights neighbourhoods, endangers wildlife and impacts on people's pride of place, while putting added strain on Council services. We know that fly-tipping is the action of a small number of people, but it affects everyone. Residents and businesses in Hounslow have had enough.

“We are sending a clear message to anyone who fly-tips. We will not tolerate fly-tipping, we are watching you and you will be punished.

“It’s fantastic to have our newly recruited Special Waste Enforcement Service team in operation and patrolling the borough. They will be integral to keeping our streets clean, but we all need to work together to eradicate this issue and we hope residents and businesses can support their work.”

Fly-tipping is the illegal dumping of unwanted items, this can be large scale dumping by illegal waste carriers, or even smaller scale dumping, such as leaving an unwanted carrier bag of waste by public bins. We know this is of concern to our residents who see their neighbourhoods impacted by the mess of those who choose not to respect our streets and green spaces.

Last year, despite lockdown restrictions and calls to stay at home, the Council investigated over 25,000 cases of reported fly-tipping with the majority removed within 24 hours. This resulted in a total of 178 fixed penalty notices.

If you have witnessed someone fly-tipping, please report them to the Council. Include as much detail as possible including date, time, location, details of the incident and any information about the origins of the rubbish including specific property or company details. Reporting will help us in our fight against this illegal activity. All the information you report is important and will be treated confidentially. Remember, do not approach any individuals, and do not put yourself in any danger. Fly-tipping can be reported via our website, by calling or the Fix My Street app.

There is a range of support for residents and businesses to help them manage rubbish responsibly. This includes the Council's bulky waste collection service which collects old appliances and furniture straight from your home, and its commercial rubbish and recycling collections, available to local businesses. You can also book an appointment to take your unwanted waste to Space Waye Reuse and Recycling Centre or alternative local reuse and recycling sites.

While there is often little excuse for dumping waste on our streets and open spaces, it can be easy for residents to become a fly-tipper without even knowing it. The Council understands that for some resident’s waste storage can be challenging, such as for those who live in some flats where there aren't communal facilities for waste storage available. Residents are encouraged to report these instances to the Council so that solutions can be found. This can be done by emailing

When hiring contractors to remove waste, households need to ensure that they are using registered waste carriers, brokers, or dealers. There are illegal operators who will fly tip rather than pay for rubbish to be accepted at the tip. In such circumstances, anyone whose rubbish is identified, will also be prosecuted.

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