Support for residents impacted by the bus strike later this week

A potential bus strike has been announced affecting some bus routes in Hounslow on Friday 5 March and Saturday 6 March.

Published: Thursday, 4th March 2021

Cllr Hanif Khan

Hounslow Council has again announced support for residents who have no other option but to drive for all or part of their journey.

Cllr Hanif Khan, Cabinet Member for Transport and One Hounslow said: “If the strike does go ahead, we know this will cause some amount of disruption and put a strain on any buses routes not affected by the strike.

“To help our residents who genuinely have no other option but to drive for all or part of their journey, if the bus strike does go ahead, drivers will be able to park in any on-street pay-to-park bay beyond the normal maximum 2 or 4 hour stay without further charge. To benefit from this, the driver must purchase the maximum permitted stay in the normal way using Pay-to-Park or a pay and display machine. Although the ticket will show the parking period ending after 2 or 4 hours, we will not issue a penalty charge notice providing the car is moved before the start of the next day’s paid-for parking period. This special arrangement will run between 08:00 Friday 5 March and 20:00 Saturday 6 March 2021.”

“But that will only help a little, so we recommend that if at all possible, residents plan not to travel on Friday 5 March to Saturday 6 March, and if they have to travel, to check live travel information at  

“We would encourage residents where possible to consider cycling (using route maps at or walking using route maps at:"

Routes affected

5 March

293, 404, 413, 463, 467, 470, S1, 633


5 and 6 March

18, 33, 65, 70, 71, 72, 110, 116, 203, 223, 224, 265, 266, 283, 371, 406, 411, 418, 419, 423, 440, 465, C1, H22, H32, H37, H98, K1, K2 ,K3, K4, K5, 613, 662, 665, 671, 681, 696, 697, N18, N33, N65, N72, 111, 148, 220, 281, 85, 94

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