Drivers in Hounslow urged to stop 'idling'

Motorists who leave their engine running while parked-up are being urged to switch their engine off, at every stop, as part of a campaign to encourage drivers to stop ‘idling’.

Published: Monday, 22nd February 2021

Cllr Katherine Dunne

Research shows long term exposure to poor air quality has been proven to lead to asthma, lung disease, heart disease, restricted lung development in the young, and costs the NHS and the economy billions every year.

It is estimated that long-term exposure to air pollution contributed to the deaths of more than 4,000 Londoners in 2019 alone.*

Cllr Dunne, Cabinet Member for Communities and Climate Emergency, said:

“Leaving a vehicle engine on whilst it is parked is not acceptable, and never has been, but we are increasingly aware of the need to take action where we can.

“We need to highlight this important issue and so we are asking all motorists to support us and help improve the air we all breathe.

“During the first lockdown last year, pollution in Hounslow reduced by 20 per cent, which is fantastic.

“However, this figure will increase when the lockdown measures are eased, which is why we are asking Hounslow residents to consider cycling or walking where possible.

“In situations where using a car can’t be avoided, please consider the health of the people around you and turn your engine off at every stop.”

Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, added: 

“Engine idling is completely unnecessary and threatens the health of anyone close by.

“Air pollution is not just a central London problem, which is why I’m glad London boroughs have joined this call to promote ‘Engines Off, Every Stop’.

“Supporting boroughs through the Mayor’s Air Quality Fund is just one of the ways I’m working to improve London’s air, including cleaning up London’s buses, tackling air pollution around schools, and in October this year, expanding the Ultra Low Emission Zone up to the North and South Circular roads to cut pollution for millions more Londoners.”

Idling Action London, jointly led by City of London Corporation and Camden Council, is a Mayor of London’s Air Quality Fund project that sees 30 local authorities and City of London Corporation working together to tackle engine idling as a source of avoidable air pollution.

The project, which has been running since 2016, offers virtual and in-person education and targeted behaviour change interventions for schools, businesses, local authorities, hospitals and other organisations.

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