Play your part in Census 2021

Hounslow Council is urging residents to take part in the census this year which will be held on 21 March 2021.

Published: Tuesday, 26th January 2021

Cabinet  Member, Councillor Pritam Grewal who is a Member for Customer Services and Corporate Performance

The census is a survey for everyone run by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), taking place every ten years. It provides a snapshot of all persons and households in England and Wales to help to plan and fund public services.

In Hounslow this information helps to inform decisions on services that shape the future of the borough such as healthcare, education, doctor’s surgeries, cycle lanes and transport.

Cllr Pritam Grewal, Cabinet Member for Customer Services and Corporate Performance said: “The census has taken place in this country every 10 years for over 200 years and it is our duty to fill out the census questionnaire. The census data helps historians as well as in ancestry tracing amongst other things.

“The information provided, will also help understand individual community’s needs and ensures funds are invested in emergency services, health care, school places and other vital services. These issues matter to everyone so please get involved.

“We are also very pleased to have a local Census Engagement Manager appointed by the ONS to support Hounslow residents and help make Census 2021 a success.”

Newton Fernandes (Andrew), Hounslow’s Census Engagement Manager said: “Hounslow is a truly diverse borough with residents from all backgrounds. I am looking forward to helping organisations, charities, faith groups and community leaders within Hounslow raise awareness of the census and the value to residents in taking part.”

By law everyone in a household is required to be included in the completed census form which is completely anonymous. The ONS is independent from the government. Your details are protected by law and kept confidential for 100 years following which they are made public.

The census 2021 will include a new question on veterans of the UK Armed Forces, as well as voluntary questions, for those aged 16 and over, on sexual orientation and gender identity.

The census will be run primarily online, making it easy for most people to complete the questionnaire on any device – whether that be a computer, a mobile phone or a tablet. Local Census support centres will be offering help, while paper questionnaires will be available for those who need them. All census staff will operate in line with the Government’s latest Covid-19 guidance.

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