Recycling changes making it easier for Hounslow to be a cleaner, greener borough

A weekly recycling collection to make it easier for residents in houses across the borough to recycle more, will begin on Monday 5 June 2017.

Published: Wednesday, 12th April 2017

Image of recycling refresh poster.

Hounslow Council needs residents’ help to recycle food waste, plastics, cans, paper, card and glass bottles as much as possible.

To increase recycling and reduce waste the Council is making following changes to recycling collections:

  • All recycling (including plastics) will be collected every week
  • Food waste will be collected every week

The Council currently recycles 31 per cent of its waste but could save £1.3 million a year in landfill costs if residents are able to recycle 50 per cent.

To help residents hit the 50 per cent target, the Council is giving every house in the borough the following:

  • A new red recycling box for residents to put in households’ plastic and cans
  • A new blue recycling box for households’ paper and card
  • A new recycling box net to cover the recycling boxes on windy days
  • A roll of 52 biodegradable bags for food waste

Information leaflets explaining the collection changes and how residents should use the new recycling boxes will be given to all residents who live in houses over the coming weeks. Delivery of the new recycling boxes will happen before Monday 5 June.

All other rubbish – in black bins - will be collected every two weeks starting from Monday 10 July

Councillor Amrit Mann, Deputy Leader of Hounslow Council, said: “We promised you a greener, cleaner borough and that is what we are doing with the introduction of the new weekly recycling collections for houses.

“We need residents’ help to recycle more so we achieve our recycling target of 50 per cent by 2019 and save £1.3 million a year which could be used protect other vital Council services.

“Many residents throw items away as rubbish when they could and should be recycled instead. We hope this weekly recycling collection will help residents realise just how much they can and do recycle before all other rubbish is collected every two weeks starting on 10 July 2017.

With more recycling, the amount of other rubbish will decrease and residents will see the huge benefits of this.”

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