Hounslow Council cracks down on non-payment of annual licence fees

A Hounslow business has had to fork out over £1,000 in unpaid licensing fees.

Published: Tuesday, 7th March 2017

Image of shop fronts in Hounslow Highstreet

A Hounslow business has had to fork out over £1,000 in unpaid licensing fees as Hounslow Council get tough on those companies that fail to notify them if a licence is no longer required.
Crownvend Ltd, which operated out of Bar Bhangra in Hanworth Road, Hounslow, repeatedly ignored enforcement notices from the Council’s licensing team to pay their annual licensing fee, which is a legal requirement.
Representatives of the company claimed that the business had shut down and was no longer trading, but in failing to notify the Council and surrender the licence, it had resulted in the fees continuing to be legally imposed each year.
Annual licensing fees go towards providing the licensing service by the Council, including the enforcement of licensed premises. Non-payment of the fees affects the level of service the Council is able to provide.
Several warnings were sent to Crownvend Ltd, which ran up debts over seven years totalling £1,260. Its licence was suspended following a claim by the Council to Brentford County Court. In order to settle the claim prior to a hearing, the company paid £1,625, which included the outstanding debt, court fees, solicitor costs and a hearing fee of £170.
Councillor Sue Sampson, Cabinet Member for Community Protection, Hounslow Council, said: “It’s simple, if a company is no longer trading and it no longer requires a licence to trade, let us know.
“If not, the fees will add up and we will continue to chase and the end result is likely a bigger and heavier fine or prosecution.
“The licence fee is in place legally so we can as a Council protect all our businesses and also provide a high quality standard of service to all. We will as always take the strongest possible action against those who don’t comply.”

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