Success of Hounslow's schools threatened by proposed government funding cuts

Hounslow Council is calling on the government to protect funding for schools in Hounslow and across London.

Published: Monday, 6th February 2017

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Hounslow Council is calling on the government to protect funding for schools in Hounslow and across London, following a consultation that proposes to reduce budgets for a number of schools in the capital.

The second stage of the school’s National Funding Formula [NFF] has been published stating that there will be a redistribution of current money, which for London schools means an increase in some schools’ budgets, with others seeing their budgets severely reduced.

Hounslow Council supports the London Councils response to the NFF that makes the case for additional funding for the schools that stand to gain through the NFF school allocations, without taking money away from other schools (this would cost the Government £335m per annum).

At the recent Borough Council meeting at the end of January, Councillor Tom Bruce, Cabinet Member for Education and Children’s Services, Hounslow Council, proposed a motion which was successfully passed, asking that the government look to protect the valuable funding that Hounslow schools receive so that they can continue to provide a high standard of education for all pupils.

Councillor Bruce said: “The success of Hounslow schools is under threat from more budget cuts, as central government go to the next stage of a consultation into proposals to recalculate the national formula under which schools are funded.

“In the proposals, Hounslow stands to receive on average £462 less in spending per pupil each year, as a result of the government’s formula changes. 

“I am deeply concerned that any further cuts to already depleted schools budgets could threaten the huge improvements in education standards that we have seen throughout Hounslow, particularly in the last two years where we’ve made tremendous strides, especially at Primary level"

“We are very fortunate here in Hounslow to have so many excellent schools providing high quality education. It’s  important  we work closely with those schools, governors and parents to fight these proposals and the adverse impact they would have on the lives of our children and young people.”

“We are committed to giving every child in the borough the best start in life possible and that includes providing the high standard of education they deserve.”

Concerns have also been voiced by the borough’s schools on the implications more cuts to funding will mean for them.

Chris Hill, headteacher of Hounslow Town Primary School, Pears Road, Hounslow, said: “The proposed changes to funding will make it virtually impossible for schools in Hounslow to sustain what they are currently doing, let alone be able to make improvements for the future.

“After several years already of budgets being squeezed and savings made, schools will not be able to absorb further cuts. 

“All headteachers in Hounslow want to provide the highest quality of provision in their schools. Further savings required will mean for most schools, a reduction in staffing leading to a potential negative impact on the standard of learning for pupils.”

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