Council gives the green light to the Local Plan Reviews

Hounslow Council has approved the Local Plan Review at Borough Council. This will pave the way for thousands of new affordable and family homes as well as new jobs in the borough for local people.

Published: Wednesday, 18th November 2020

Cllr Curran

These plans provide for 11,000 new homes in the West of the Borough and 13,000 new jobs. There will also be 7,500 new homes and 14,000 new jobs created in the Great West Corridor.

This plan set out the Council’s ambitions for delivering high-quality, well-managed parks and opens spaces with multifunctional uses for play, sports and events whilst making them more accessible for the enjoyment of local people. There is a focus on creating green corridors and nature trails as part of the Council’s commitment to tackle climate change and increase biodiversity.

The plan complements the Council’s transport strategy which prioritises sustainable movement to reduce car reliance, create a well-connected, safe and attractive network of walking and cycling routes and good access to public transport facilities.

Cllr Steve Curran, Leader of Hounslow Council, said: “We are pleased that the Local Plan Review was approved recently by Borough Council. This gives a clear route map for the future vision of Hounslow ensuring that we have a plan in place that will help provide new homes, businesses and jobs for the future. The Local Plan Review is even more important now more than ever because of the negative effects of Covid-19 on our Borough.

“The last ten months have been extremely difficult, but I’m delighted we have some positive news to share with residents and businesses, I’m convinced this will have a tangible and positive impact for our residents and will help start the green shoots for recovery. We must do everything we can to create an environment to replace the jobs that have been lost as a result of the decline in the airline industry which disproportionately affects residents in the West of the Borough.

“I’m also delighted we now have a clear vision for the Great West Corridor, which is one of our flagship areas for business with companies like JCDecaux, BskyB, GlaxoSmithKline providing an anchor for attracting further business development and new homes.”

The final plans will now be submitted to a Government-appointed planning inspector and subjected to a public examinations process, where all interested parties will have an opportunity to express their views on the proposals. Following consideration of all evidence presented at the hearings, the planning inspector will submit his recommendations on whether to approve the plans to the Secretary of State.

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