Hounslow Council working with the Met to help enforce Covid-19 rules

London boroughs and the Metropolitan Police have signed up to a partnership agreement to assist in the enforcement of COVID-19 rules.

Published: Friday, 30th October 2020

Police enforcement

Council officers will work with local police officers to engage with the public, explaining the new legislation, encouraging individuals and businesses to follow the regulations and enforcing them if the situation should require it.

With the introduction of 10pm closing in the hospitality sector, joint visits have been carried out by Council officers and the police to ensure that business are complying with the latest restrictions.

Local authorities will take the lead in aiding activity around enforcement of business closures and restrictions on access to public places. Officers may be designated by local authorities to enforce the closure of premises should it be necessary. It is the responsibility of Londoners wanting to attend or organise a large gathering to make sure they are complying with regulations and not putting themselves or others at risk.

Cllr Katherine Dunne, Cabinet Member for Communities and Climate Emergency said:

“As coronavirus cases increase across London, it is vital we all work together to ensure the new Covid-19 restrictions are followed. Public safety is the top priority for Hounslow Council as we work to protect our communities.

“We are working hard to make sure all residents and businesses are informed about the restrictions and how they can help to keep Hounslow safe. We will continue to provide support and advice to those who need it.

“If businesses or individuals persistently break the rules and put other people at risk of coming into contact with Covid-19, boroughs will not hesitate to take firm action, working as partners with the Metropolitan Police.”

Deputy Assistant Commissioner, Matt Twist from the Metropolitan Police Service, said:

“Throughout the pandemic, the majority of Londoners have abided by the restrictions and made enormous sacrifices to make sure their communities stay safe. This partnership approach is designed to target those who continually flout the rules, risking public safety at a time when it is so important for us all to pull together.

“Council officers will be able to feed intelligence and advise businesses and licensed properties to ensure the legislation is complied with. By working together with local authorities, individuals or businesses that continue to break the rules can expect to have their illegal gatherings dispersed and face the consequences of business closures or fines.”

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