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Council’s cleaning contract is providing additional support during the pandemic to help keep properties safe

Hounslow Council owned maintenance service, Coalo have recently taken over the cleaning contract for Council owned facilities.

Published: Thursday, 29th October 2020

Cllr Grewal and Coalo

As part of this they have introduced new measures to ensure Covid compliance and are providing additional support to sites during these challenging times. This includes having day janitors at libraries to sanitising school buses.

Coalo also held a tender to find a new supplier to get the appropriate equipment to use at each school site to help keep schools cleaner and safer.

Council properties are also being provided additional Covid related cleaning services along with pre-opening deep cleans.

Jamie Sparks, Coalo Cleaning Operations Manager said: “We are very pleased to have won this contract. Our teams work around the clock to ensure schools/offices/depots are kept as safe as possible concentrating on touch points more than ever given the current climate.

“We have now also added two Children’s Centres and a school to the portfolio.

“We are also trying to do our bit to help the recovery of the borough by keeping it local, working with local businesses and using local suppliers. Just before the contract started, we ran two procurements. One for the plant equipment and the second for the supply of consumables. The successful bidder for both is a local supplier based in Feltham.”

Cllr Pritam Grewal, Cabinet Member for Customer Services and Corporate Performance said: “Often we forget about the hard work that goes into keeping spaces and places clean and now more so than ever. Jamie and his team at Coalo are doing a fantastic job helping keep people safe under these challenging circumstances.

The transition from the previous contract to Coalo has been seamless and I would like to thank everyone for their hard work.”

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