Hounslow Council partners with Street Tag to enhance the wellbeing of local residents

Hounslow Council is launching Street Tag across the borough - a family-friendly game encouraging physical activity and helping support an active lifestyle.

Published: Thursday, 27th August 2020

Street Tag

Hounslow Council is pleased to announce the launch of Street Tag across the borough, to help support residents become more physically active. Street Tag is a family-friendly game which encourages greater participation in outdoor physical activity, such as walking, running and cycling, and helps to support an active lifestyle.

The 12-week Community Leaderboard launches on Tuesday 1 September 2020 and will engage and incentivise families and individuals to walk or cycle around the borough, discovering their local areas, parks and green spaces.

Seun Oshinaike, Founder of Street Tag said:

"We are excited to be forging partnerships that help families and communities get physically active in a fun, sustainable and accessible way.” 

Street Tag is entertaining and highly competitive with the opportunity for people to engage in a variety of activities and competitions using their phones.

Schools will be encouraged to join the Schools Leaderboard from 1 October 2020 and will compete against other schools in the borough, while residents in a small groups of six or less will compete against other families on the Community Leaderboard from next week. Points can be earned by collecting virtual tags around the borough, converting steps into Street Tag points, as well as a host of other activities. Top teams will win fantastic prizes including vouchers for sports equipment.

Cllr Samia Chaudhary, Cabinet Member for Leisure Services at Hounslow Council said:

“Street Tag is a unique opportunity for our residents in Hounslow to get active and explore the borough in a healthy and sustainable way. By turning the borough into a giant virtual playground, the app will help boost participants physical and mental wellbeing.

Whether travelling by foot or by bike, the app is a great incentive for everyone to travel while exercising in a fun and safe way, maintaining social distancing while competing with family and friends.”

For more information, visit www.streettag.co.uk

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