Residents get on their bikes in Hounslow with All-Ability Cycling

Hounslow Council has been running inclusive cycling sessions throughout August as part its commitment to encourage more residents to walk and cycle.

Published: Tuesday, 18th August 2020

Image of a resident trying out an all ability cycling.

All-Ability Cycling, a Council scheme organised in conjuction with Sustrans the cycling and walking charity, offers inclusive sessions to adults and children over the age of 10, of all abilities and disabilities. The sessions are designed to help participants gain confidence and enjoy the freedom and health benefits of riding a bicycle.

A wide range of adapted bikes, including side-by-side bikes, hand cycles, recumbent cycles and tricycles have been made available at the Council’s new cycling hub at Inwood Park, with experienced instructors on hand to help budding cyclists find a bike that suits them. The cycle track at Inwood Park has been welcomed by many families, individuals and carers as a fun place to practice cycling away from busy roads.

Cllr Hanif Khan, Lead Member for Transport and One Hounslow said: “These inclusive sessions are a fantastic opportunity for residents to get cycling in the borough. The sessions people to practice cycling in a safe space and gain some confidence before taking it further.

“As a Council, we want to support residents of all abilities and disabilities to enjoy  safe and fun cycling. The range of adapted bikes and equipment as well as expert advice offered by these sessions is helping to remove some of the barriers which prevent people from taking up cycling.

“We invite you to come and enjoy the facilities at the new cycling hub at Inwood Park and experience for yourself the positive impact of cycling on your health and wellbeing.

“Thank you to Sustrans and the Council’s transport team for making this scheme a great success.”

Caren Tildesley, who attended a session with her family of five, said:

“We wanted to join in on the all ability cycling because our 9-year old with learning difficulties struggles with regular bicycles and his, and his sister's, cycling lessons were interrupted due to lockdown.

“We really enjoyed the sessions, and my son was immediately able to use the tricycles and get the independence he really longs for. In addition, his brother was also able to ride. He never gets the opportunity otherwise as we are unable to ride as a family. It is a pursuit that most families take for granted as being able to do on a regular basis.

“We would definitely be interested in joining future sessions on the excellent quality bikes.”

The cycling sessions strictly adhere to the rules of social distancing and all bikes and equipment are sterilized between users. The Council also provides helmets, high-visibility tabards and support straps to ensure cycling is comfortable for all. There is a  disabled toilet onsite.

The sessions in August are now fully booked up, however further dates are being planned for September and will be listed on the Council web site.

For further information, please contact Lauren James, Healthy Streets Officer on or by phone on 07866143615.

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