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The recycling journey in Hounslow

Cllr Guy Lambert has provided an overview of the recycling journey in Hounslow and why residents should continue to recycle all they can.

Published: Tuesday, 30th June 2020

guy lambert

Cllr Guy Lambert, Cabinet Member for Highways, Recycling and Trading Companies at Hounslow Council, said:

“I was concerned by a recent report regarding UK recycling being dumped in Turkey and although not related to Hounslow, I would like to reassure our residents of our recycling processes.

“In Hounslow, all recycling collected in the borough is channelled to market destinations both at home or abroad, that are approved by the Environment Agency, for recycling purposes only and not disposal.

“Our recycling material streams (plastic, glass, cans, paper and card) in Hounslow are of high quality, this is due to the support from our residents in sorting materials at home and our very thorough sorting processes within our Material Handling Facility at Southall Lane.

“At our Material Handling Facility material is tipped from the recycling fleet following collection and kept segregated in large bays. After tipping, each separated material is picked over by a team of staff, removing contaminants ahead of further processing. These contaminates include hard plastics like coat hangers and toys, plastic film in the form of bags and wrappings and even full aerosols with flammable contents. When removed they are subsequently sent with the household refuse to the energy from waste process as not desired by our recycling partners – but crucially, nothing goes to landfill.

“Following the manual sorting, plastic and cans then undergo mechanical separation that removes steel and aluminium from plastic items via industrial magnets. All streams are grouped into approximately half tonne bales; each bale is inspected before being uniquely tagged to demonstrate our pride in the quality of our individual materials.

“Please be assured when you recycle in the borough, you are making a positive contribution to the environment, as collected materials are managed responsibly by the Council and our partners, so please do keep recycling all you can.”

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