Gunnersbury Estate (2026) CIC launches fundraising appeal

Gunnersbury Estate (2026) CIC has launched its first fundraising appeal.

Published: Friday, 5th June 2020

Gunnersbury Park Cafe

Following the financial impact of COVID-19 on Gunnersbury and the devastating fire which destroyed Gunnersbury Park Café last Friday, Gunnersbury Estate (2026) CIC has launched its first fundraising appeal.

David Bowler, CEO of Gunnersbury CIC said: "We are a small not-for-profit organisation responsible for managing and maintaining Gunnersbury Park & Museum, aiming to create a leading heritage and leisure venue that serves all our diverse communities. 

By now you will of no doubt seen that the Gunnersbury Park Café went up in flames in the early hours of Friday morning and has been completely destroyed; a significant blow to the community. 

What you might not be aware of is that every time you bought a cup of tea or coffee in the café, approximately 25p (10%) of that money was invested by us directly back into the maintenance and care of the park and museum. Those 25p’s along with 10% of the price of your pizza, sandwich etc    amounted to over £70k per year, which has now been wiped out.

Gunnersbury CIC was already badly hit by Covid19. We rely on income from our private hires and public programmes to thrive and survive, but due to the outbreak we have lost 40% of the entire yearly income over the space of a few weeks. 

Despite this we’ve worked incredibly hard to keep the park open for you and our community during lockdown. We have seen thousands more people using the park during this time and it’s been heartening to hear how the park has been a ‘lifeline’ and a ‘sanctuary’ to so many during the lockdown. If you’ve visited you will of seen our gardening team working flat out to keep the park looking beautiful. They’re the same team responsible for the multi-coloured blaze of tulips that have been bringing joy to many.

Gunnersbury is now facing the double whammy of the lost income from both Covid19 and the recent fire to the café. To be blunt we are forecasting a funding gap of £250k this year, and – unless the outlook changes, the potential closure of the organisation.

So, today I’m asking for your help.

This week we have launched a fundraising campaign called #YourGunnersbury asking you to donate £10, the equivalent of a few cups of coffee, or whatever you can afford. We are hoping to raise £25,000 over the summer months to help us ensure that we keep #YourGunnersbury thriving now and well into the future.

Donate via:

We know that times are difficult, and I’m sure you’ve had many appeals from similar organisations,   but if you feel that could give just £10 your support will help us to ensure that we keep Gunnersbury thriving for you and our community, now and well into the future.

 Look after yourselves, and we’ll do our utmost to keep Gunnersbury a safe and welcoming place for you.”


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