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Care services at risk if Government doesn’t cover coronavirus costs

Support for about 1,300 people who receive care is at risk in Hounslow if the Government fails to deliver on its commitment to fully fund councils’ response to coronavirus, the Council has warned.

Published: Friday, 15th May 2020

Image of an nurse taing care of an older lady

New analysis has found that local authorities in England face a £10 billion coronavirus funding gap, through related costs and income losses, £3.5 billion of which is a deficit in adult social care. In Hounslow, this equates to £10.8 million and an estimated 1,300 people who receive care at home or in a residential home, supported living accommodation or nursing home.

Cllr Shantanu Rajawat, Cabinet Member for Finance and Corporate Services, said: “Everyone knows the sacrifice and the loss we have endured so far through the coronavirus crisis, and the enormous strain on our carers, and our friends and family who rely on their care. Carers have been on the frontline in the fight against the coronavirus, and those Ministers who remain safe at home must honour the Government’s pledge to provide ‘whatever funding is needed’ and stand by carers in their hour of need.

“Protecting and supporting our most vulnerable residents has been the Council’s number one priority, and will remain so. We will keep doing whatever it takes to shield those most in need from these potential cuts, but if Ministers don’t fulfil their promise and close the coronavirus blackhole this will become increasingly difficult.”

Councils estimate the funding gap from coronavirus to be around £13bn in 2020/21, made up from extra spending and loss of income. The Government has so far funded just £3.2bn of this, leaving a gap of around £10 billion, about 21 per cent of funding.

Nationally, a 21 per cent cut to adult social care is the equivalent of 200,000 people losing care - 176,000 losing long-term care and 23,000 losing short-term care. In Hounslow this breaks down to 600 long-term and 700 short-term.

Councils are not permitted to borrow money to cover revenue spending.



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