Shisha Lounge fined £20k for illegal operation

A Hounslow resident has been fined almost £20,000 for illegally operating a shisha lounge from his property on Kingsley Road, Hounslow

Published: Friday, 15th May 2020

Image of a shisha lounge with people smoking

The owner, Ali Fadhil Atiyah, was fined £3750 with a £16,049.20 Confiscation Order imposed on him after a joint operation by the Metropolitan Police and Hounslow Council's Planning Enforcement and Trading Standards Team uncovered the operation in April 2018. 

During a visit, officers confiscated over 30 shisha pipes as well as unlabelled and illegal shisha, essentially taking the business out of use. Officers found the stored shisha in a shabby and unhygienic state while the owners were also found to have constructed a basic, rudimentary timber shack for patrons. 

After being found guilty of the planning offence at Ealing Magistrates Court in 2019, the council then used its powers under the Proceeds of Crime Act to confiscate the financial profit that Mr. Atiyah had made from his illegal activities. 

Cllr Candice Atterton, Cabinet Member for Adults, Social Care and Health at Hounslow Council said: "Firstly, I am delighted that our Planning Enforcement Team working with the Met has been able to bring this unscrupulous operator to task and successfully prosecute him through the courts. It sends a very clear message to other similar criminals that our teams are taking these cases very seriously and will prosecute them without hesitation.

"The health impacts of smoking shisha are extremely serious, damaging lungs and weakening immune systems, increasing the risk of developing life-threatening complications from Covid-19. Smokers are also more likely to need treatment for other serious conditions like heart attacks, stroke, diabetes, cancer and emphysema. One session of shisha smoking (between 20 to 80 minutes) can equate to someone smoking the equivalent of 100 cigarettes."

If you would like support to quit shisha smoking, contact our local friendly stop smoking service at One You Hounslow - or call 020 8973 3530.

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