Covid-19 Vaccine - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Booster Jabs

Who can get a COVID-19 booster vaccine?

Booster vaccine doses will be available on the NHS for who have already had 2 doses of a vaccine. We are offering both 1st boosters and seasonal boosters.

1st Booster

A 1st booster can be booked online if you or your child have completed your primary COVID-19 vaccination course (1st and 2nd dose, plus an additional primary dose if you have a severely weakened immune system) and are either:

The appointment dates you'll be offered will start from 3 months (91 days) after your 2nd dose.

Seasonal boosters

A seasonal booster (autumn booster) can be booked online for anyone who is:

  • aged 65 or over
  • pregnant
  • aged 5 and over and at high risk due to a health condition
  • aged 5 and over and at high risk because of a weakened immune system
  • aged 5 and over and lives with someone who has a weakened immune system
  • aged 16 and over and is a carer
  • a frontline health and social care worker

The appointment dates you'll be offered will start from 3 months (91 days) after your previous dose.

Book online


Local Vaccination Clinics and Walk In Clinics

There are several types of locations where you can get your vaccination in Hounslow.

  • At a drop-in vaccination clinic
  • At a pharmacy
  • At a GP-led clinic by invitation
  • Book via National Booking System

Anyone 18+ can attend a walk-in clinic.

To find details about Local Vaccination Clinics and Walk-in Clinics, please click here.

Why do we need booster vaccines?

There is good data that suggests that vaccine effectiveness from all vaccines reduces over time. This is much like natural immunity, although vaccine-induced immunity is still lasting longer than that from most natural infections. The purpose of the booster this winter is to get more vulnerable people winter ready and to prevent hospitalisations during the winter period. By getting the booster jab- and flu jab if eligible- we are doing our bit to protect ourselves and others, and importantly, the NHS.

People with a weakened immune system

A third dose of a COVID-19 vaccine is being offered to people aged 12 and over who had a weakened immune system when they had their first two doses.

How: If you're eligible for a third dose, the NHS will let you know when and where to have the vaccine.

Information:  A third dose is different from the booster as this is administered with a shorter gap (min. 8 weeks post second dose) to give a better immune response from those who are immunocompromised.

Booster jab : For more information on when and how to get your booster jab.

Do you have questions about the vaccine?

Visit the NHS website or the Hounslow COVID vaccine FAQ page created in partnership with NHS for answers to frequently asked questions.

If you or anyone you know has questions about the COVID-19 vaccines, visit one of our drop in clinics where one of the clinicians will be happy to speak to you about the vaccine and help answer any questions you may have.

If you have any further questions, please email -


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