Coronavirus testing options in Hounslow

Local tests for people WITH symptoms (PCR tests)

The Polymerase Chain Reaction (also known as PCR) test is for people with coronavirus symptoms. The tests are processed and interpreted in a medical or laboratory setting by a trained and qualified healthcare professional.

There are a variety of testing options available to Hounslow residents with coronavirus symptoms including attending a local testing site or ordering a test to be delivered to your home. 

Home test

On the booking form, you can order a home test to be delivered and completed from your home. This is especially useful for residents who do not have a car

Local testing sites

When you book a test, you will be shown the testing sites with available appointments closest to you.

This might include: 

The Mobile Testing Unit in Hounslow is available every 3 days.  

Please note: Do NOT attend any PCR testing site without a booking.   

 You should not utilise NHS tests if you have returned from a high-risk country and do not display any symptoms, nor should you use NHS tests in order to travel abroad. You must pay for private tests for this purpose. 

For more information - see eligibility for testing on the .Gov website 


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