New national restrictions - lockdown

Dear resident,

Urgent information about new national restrictions

From Thursday 5 November, England moved into a new period of national coronavirus restrictions. This means that, once again, we should all stay at home as much as possible and work from home if we can. These restrictions are set to last until Wednesday 2 December.

I know this will be very tough for many residents and businesses. However, we must all play our part and stick to the rules, so together we can reduce the number of people who are catching the virus, protect our families, friends and neighbours, stop the NHS from being overwhelmed, and save lives.

The laws that the Government has introduced for this period mean you should stay home as much as possible, and pubs, restaurants, non-essential shops, cinemas, leisure centres, museums and hair and beauty salons will be closed.

The Council has been preparing for stricter measures and plans are in place. Our number one priority remains protecting our most vulnerable residents and, alongside our partners, we’ll be doing all we can to support local communities and businesses.

No one has to face the difficult weeks ahead alone or without support. We are here for you, as are your local NHS services and a wide range of voluntary organisations and community groups.

This leaflet contains a range of information, guidance and support. Please read it to make sure you’re aware of the current regulations and what help is available.

During the first wave there were about 22,500 people in Hounslow identified by the NHS as needing to be ‘shielded’. We will be writing separately to people identified as being medically extremely vulnerable during this lockdown detailing specific guidance and support available to them.

We also have to look to the long term and, in collaboration with local organisations and businesses, we’re working hard on planning for recovery. Major economic and social challenges lie ahead for Hounslow, but together we can rise to them. You can find out more about this work and read our Borough Plan for Recovery at

Though this pandemic has brought great hardship, the way the people of Hounslow came together to look out for each other during the first wave was truly inspiring.

I’m so proud of the residents, community groups and businesses of this borough. Thank you all for your efforts so far, and I’m in no doubt that if we keep supporting each other and working together as one Hounslow, we’ll beat this virus. Keep following the rules and stay safe.

Yours sincerely



Cllr Steve Curran
Leader of Hounslow Council



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