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Learning disabilities supported housing consultation: Ends - 7 May 2018

The London Borough of Hounslow, in line with the national agenda for Transforming Care for people with learning disabilities and/or autism, are embarking upon the remodelling of 11 supported housing services and 1 respite service that are currently provided within the borough to ensure that services are able to meet the growing needs and demands of the community. These services are currently delivered by 3 providers Certitude, Dimensions and Royal Mencap.

A service specification has been developed to support the need for the remodelling of existing supported accommodation services to better cater for a range of needs of people with learning disabilities and/or autism under the project titled LIFE (Living Independently for Everyone). Easy read version

The specification sets out the borough’s intentions to develop a range of supported accommodation that caters for varying needs and additionally targets some services towards specific needs of people with learning disabilities and autism that the LA has responsibility for.

The Local Authority has carried out a range of engagement meetings with service users within the schemes and their carers/family members, alongside other interested stakeholders, providers and groups. This has helped to inform the development of the service specification.

The specification that has been developed is the preferred option to meet the existing and future needs of people with learning disabilities and/or autism that the London Borough of Hounslow has a duty to meet their assessed needs and outcomes that are required.

Please note

Before any change to existing residents care packages it is agreed that there must be a Care Act compliant assessment or review of assessment involving the individual. No decision has been made in relation to individual care needs and therefore some individuals may not change their accommodation immediately or during the contract term. involving the individual.

The Service will be subject to review, change and innovation over the lifetime of the contract. Individuals that reside in the existing schemes will not be required to move as a result of this specification and will continue to have their identified and eligible needs met. In instances where an individual’s needs change (either suddenly or over a longer period), the suitability of the service they are receiving will be monitored and reviewed by adult social care team responsible for the individual. Any proposed changes will be managed in compliance with the Care Act 2014 and is separate from this specification.

The consultation is seeking to gain the views of people with learning disabilities and/or autism, and their carers/families on the specification that has been developed and you can comment on any part of the specification, but we would specifically like people to consider the following questions:

  • To help meet a range of needs, are the level of support (bands) for each supported housing scheme appropriate?
  • Does the level of need outlined meet your expectations for being able to appropriately support people with Learning Disabilities and/or Autism?
  • Will the outcomes meet the needs of people with learning disabilities and/or autism?
  • Do you agree with lowering the age criteria for access in to Supported Accommodation to 16 from 18 years to accommodate people coming through transition (children’s services to adults)?

The age criteria will be lowered from 18 years to 16 years to help facilitate appropriate supported accommodation for people coming through transition (Children’s Services to Adult Social Care Services) and the specification outlines the type of needs that may be exhibited in High Medium and Low support services.

This is an opportunity for you to review the specification and suggest any amendments, Inclusions or retractions.

Take part in this consultation online

Closing date: Monday 7 May 2018

Should you have any queries or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact Giorgia King by email or telephone 020 8583 4531.



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