My week by Cllr. Steve Curran 2020

13 - 17 April

Hi everyone, 

It’s been another hard week for us all, particularly  for NHS staff, and Community Care Workers and those who work in residential homes, as they continue to care for those who are battling the virus.  

As the Government announces the lockdown will be extended for a further three weeks, we recognise there will be further challenges ahead,  I want to assure you that the Council is working around the clock to do everything we can to ensure our most vulnerable residents and families receive the help and support they need. We are working together with our community groups, volunteers, businesses and partners to ensure we reach everyone in the Borough. A local journalist recently asked me, “what keeps you awake at night as Leader of the Council”, the answer for me is simple, the fear of missing just that one person that needs help. So please, if you or anyone you know needs help or you are worried about someone, I urge you to contact one of the local support services

At the beginning of the week, I was interviewed by BBC Radio London presenter Duncan Barkes (standing in for Eddie Nestor), as Leader of Hounslow Council I was asked about the response from residents in Hounslow to the lockdown. I was pleased to be able to thank our residents for following the Government’s advice and proud that we are working together as a community to protect ourselves and others. As the virus continues to affect each and everyone one of us, it’s extremely important we keep following the Government’s advice; stay home, protect the NHS, save lives.

On Thursday, I was again at the Hub, it was a real pleasure to meet Lisa and Patrick, before they set off on their food delivery round to some of the most vulnerable residents, identified by the NHS Shield Programme. 

Usually, Lisa and Patrick provide an invaluable service in taking young people with a learning disability to school or college in the Borough which in itself is so commendable. I would like to thank all our Transport Team who have switched roles to ensure that we deliver this vitally important service to residents during the coronavirus crisis. #WeAreInThisTogether 

Pictured Lisa and Patrick provide an invaluable service


I also had the pleasure  to meet Paul, who had just arrived with fresh food and flowers from Chiswick House & Gardens, as well as bags of fresh leaf salad from La Trompette Restaurant. Paul ordinarily works in the Council’s Facilities Management Team. It really is a great team effort right across the borough! 

Picture of Paul helping at the Hub

Delivering food outside the Community Hub

I’m very proud of all our council staff, our community groups, volunteers, and businesses alike, who are doing so well to work together to help communities across the borough - we will come through this and we will be stronger for it.

See video below, updating you on the latest with food deliveries at the Community Hub.

As the weekend is here, I know it’s difficult to stay at home again, especially for those of you who live in flats, and this is why our parks and open spaces continue to be open for people to exercise in and get some fresh air on a daily basis. I must remind everyone, our parks are not to be used for picnics, barbeques, football or cricket, all dogs should be kept on a lead and under no circumstances should you be removing tape or barriers from playgrounds or sports pitches to gain access. If you do so and/or don’t comply with these guidelines you will be fined! 

Our NHS and other key workers are working so hard on the front line, we cannot thank them enough for their dedication and commitment to the nation, what we can do is our bit to support them and stop the spread of this disease; stay home, protect the NHS, save lives. 

Please stay safe.

Cllr Steve Curran


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