Free home energy service advice

Green Doctors are expert energy advisers who help London residents save money, stay warm, and improve energy efficiency in the home.

Residents can register for a free home energy visit and tailored energy saving advice which will be carried out by certified and neutral energy advisers, called Green Doctors.  Home visits will last about 2 hours on average.

What support can the Green Doctor offer on the phone?

  • Energy saving advice  in the home
  • Identifying and tackling damp or mould problems
  • Switching energy providers to save money
  • Accessing the warm homes discount

You may qualify for this free service if : 

  • you have disabilities  
  • you have a long-term health  condition 
  • you are pregnant  
  • your a local resident over 60 years 
  • you have children under 10 years  
  • you have a low income (below £16,190)
  • your energy costs that are more than 10% of household income
  • your on benefits 
  • you have recently lost their job or income.

Contacting Green Doctor

For a free phone consultation, call 0300 365 3005, or email at

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