Energy company assistance

Most energy companies offer free loft and cavity insulation so speak to your energy supplier and check if you qualify to get one. Some energy suppliers can supply insulation even if you are not their customer. Check their websites or contact them directly for more information. (Note: You won't be able to get free measures such as insulation of boilers if you are a council tenant. Instead, this will be arranged through the Council's own programmes of work).

The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) is an obligation on energy suppliers aimed at helping households cut their energy bills and reduce carbon emissions by installing energy saving measures.

With the ECO 2 Amendment Order, the ECO scheme was extended to run until 30 September 2018. A new mechanism, also known as 'flexible eligibility', presents opportunities for Local Authorities to engage with energy suppliers on how suppliers meet their obligations by referring households to suppliers for support, in particular households in fuel poverty or with occupants on low incomes and vulnerable to the effects of cold homes.

The Council's Statement of Intent (SoI) publicly states the criteria that the Council intends to use to identify households that meet the eligibility criteria under flexible eligibility.

The London Borough of Hounslow has delegated another Local Authority (London Borough of Islington) to deliver declarations on our behalf.

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