The Alders - Street Improvement Fund - Ends: 22 Jan 2018

Following resident’s requests to Councillor Foote earlier this year, a successful application was made to the Council’s Street Improvement Fund, to improve the grassed area opposite 61-105 The Alders.

The application focused on making the space more accessible and improving it as an amenity.

The intent of the fund is to support ‘bottom up’ requests for small changes to the adopted highway network that come to Area Forum notice (e.g. through resident associations, petitions and so on) but may struggle to be prioritised within the main traffic and transport programme, given that is necessarily focussed on achieving wider policy objectives within the approved transport strategy.

Some improvements identified for the grassed area are listed here, and images try to illustrate the potential impact of such changes.

  • Limited tree planting, with native species to restore some of those lost over the years.
  • Large ornamental boulders to help break the area up slightly
  • Possible removal of one section of railing to allow pedestrian access onto the grassed area from the footway, with the creation of a formal path across the grassed area.

Before progressing further, we would value your feedback on these proposals.

You can provide feedback by completing a brief online questionnaire, or if unable to access the survey online and would like a paper copy of the questionnaire, please email the Traffic team.

Please return all comments by 22 January 2018.

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