Bus stop improvements on Hampton Road East - ends: Fri 19 January 2018

Bus stop improvements on Hampton Road East

The proposed changes to the Bus Stop Clearway road markings are intended to prevent other vehicles from stopping or parking there. This will enable buses to reach the kerbside more easily and safely, thereby improving accessibility for all bus passengers, particularly those with disabilities including wheelchair users. Creating space around the bus stop, or moving the bus stop to a new position, is necessary to enable the correct access and to improve road safety in the near vicinity. We have attached two options:

Option 1: The traffic island currently on the service road of Hampton Road East will be reduced by 12 metres. The bus stop cage (i.e. rectangle marked by a yellow dashed line) will remain in the same position and two or three car parking spaces will be removed.

Option 2: The bus stop cage and bus stop flag/post will be removed and relocated to a new position. No car parking spaces will be removed.

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Our preference is option 2, as this would not affect the number of parking spaces and would cause less disruption. Based on our site visits, doing nothing is not an option, as we have regularly observed the difficulty buses have arriving and departing the bus stop.

To have your say on the plans, email us with your feedback or comment, quoting reference number TFL/BSA/19501.

If you any questions, please email Dean Humphreys at traffic@hounslow.gov.uk

This consultation ends: Friday 19 January 2018.

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