Pinkham Mansions - Parking consultation - Ends: 5 Jan 2018

Following complaints received from some residents of Pinkham Mansions regarding the indiscriminate parking occurring in the 'Hounslow Housing' parking areas which is being attributed to non-residents, the Council are now undertaking a consultation with residents to ascertain whether there is support to incorporate these parking areas in the surrounding 'Stile Hall' Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ).

The purpose of the consultation is to give residents the opportunity to assess the Councils proposals before indicating whether you would support inclusion in the CPZ or not.

The existing Stile Hall CPZ currently operates between Monday-Friday, 10am-Noon and should residents support inclusion in the CPZ, these times will be extended to include the Pinkham Mansions parking areas.  This would mean that only those with valid Stile Hall CPZ permits would be eligible to park in the bays during the aforementioned operational times.  

This is your opportunity to have a say on whether you would like the parking areas to be included in the existing CPZ and to make suggestions/comments about the proposed design.  

Before completing the questionnaire, please refer to the information included in the letter which provides a summary of how CPZs work and the costs involved.  Once you are satisfied that you have sufficient information please return the completed questionnaire by 5 January 2017 at the latest.

The results of the consultation will be reported to your local ward councillors.  If there is majority support from residents to the CPZ proposals, and Councillors approve, the scheme will be progressed to the statutory consultation stage whereby the Council advertises its intention to extend the CPZ.  This process is a 21 day period during which time any person can submit objections or representations to the Council's proposals.

You will be notified in writing of the outcome of the consultation and any future action in due course.

Thank you for taking the time to participate in this consultation and I look forward to receiving your completed questionnaire, if you have any questions please direct these to Andrew Nye.

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