Revised Housing Allocations Policy - your questions answered

What is different in the revised Allocations Policy

The council agreed a new  Housing Allocations Policy in October 2016. The policy has been revised  effective from 3 April 2018.    

The following are some quick answers to frequently asked questions. Simply click on the question you want answering to find out more: 

Why can’t I bid anymore?

The London Borough of Hounslow is no longer using Locata to advertise properties.   

Why can’t I log on to Locata?

You do not need to log on to Locata because you cannot bid for properties anymore.  This is because the London Borough of Hounslow is not advertising properties on Locata.

Where is my information held if it is not on Locata anymore?

The London Borough of Hounslow is using an in-house computer system to store information about you.  The information you previously provided has been transferred to our in-house system.

What does a direct offer mean?

A direct offer means the council is matching you to a property based on your assessed housing needs.  A direct offer is made to applicants who have a high enough priority to be offered a property.  

How do I know my position on the Housing Register?

We cannot tell you exactly where you are on the Housing Register because the number of applicants change as new people join the Housing Register and existing applicants are rehoused.  Also, the priority of existing applicants may change due to changes in their circumstances.  Your priority for housing is determined by the Band you are in and how long you have been in that Band (see more information in how applications are assessed and prioritised). 

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