Six Gardens area footway parking consultation - ENDS: Friday 8th December

Footway parking is generally only permitted in areas where this type of parking has either been formalised, by means of marking partial footway parking bays, or programmed to be formalised.  The purpose of the formalisation has two intended outcomes; firstly, to ensure pedestrians can safely utilise the footway and secondly, to ensure there is sufficient carriageway width for moving traffic, particularly larger vehicles. 

As you will most likely know, the practice of footway parking has been on going in the area for a number of years despite not being formalised.  This has recently resulted in the Council?s Parking Services Team receiving complaints from local residents of obstructive parking occurring on the footways which has resulted in parking charge notices (PCN or parking tickets as commonly known) being issued to offending vehicles.

However, it is recognised by the Council that there is considerable demand for parking from residents in the area, particularly during the evening times, primarily due to the number of maisonettes within the CPZ roads.

In light of these issues, the Council are now consulting with residents regarding the proposed introduction of footway parking bays in the area which will maximise the parking provisions and should also ensure residents are not issued with PCNs so long as footway parking occurs within marked bays and, when necessary, valid permits are on display.

Six Gardens area footway parking review map

Please complete the questionnaire and return by 8 December 2017. Alternatively, you can forward any comments to Satpal Gakhal.


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