Proposed admission arrangements for the London Borough of Hounslow community primary and secondary schools for 2019-2020 - Ends: 8 Dec 2017

Proposed Admission Arrangements for the London Borough of Hounslow Community Primary and Secondary Schools for 2019-2020: Ends 8 Dec 2017

In accordance with the School Admissions (Admission Arrangements and Co-ordination of Admission Arrangements) (England) Regulations 2012 the London Borough of Hounslow is consulting on its proposed admission arrangements for the 2019/20 academic year. The consultation will run from the 30 October 2017 to 8 December 2017 inclusive.

The following changes to the current the Admission Arrangements are being proposed for September 2019:

Removal of the Priority Admission Areas (PAAs) criterion from the Primary Community/Junior School Admission Arrangements for 2019  

Since 2011 The London Borough of Hounslow has operated the current system of catchment areas as part of the admission arrangements for Primary Schools.  These catchment areas are known in Hounslow as ‘Priority Admission Areas’ (PAAs).   The five catchment areas were introduced to reflect the patterns of admission applications at that time and were based on how the Council allocated places when particular schools have been over-subscribed. The boundaries between the PAAs’ often reflect physical barriers such as the M4 or open space.

The current order of priority for oversubscription criteria for community primary schools are:

  • Looked after Children and previously Looked after Children 
  • Exceptional Medical or Social Need
  • Siblings
  • Children within the catchment area (PAA)
  • Other Children

It is proposed that the current community primary school PAA oversubscription criterion is replaced with distance measurement from home to the school

Where the number of children applying exceeds the number of places published, the applications will be considered in the following order of priority:

  • Looked after Children and previously Looked after Children 
  • Exceptional Medical or Social Need
  • Siblings
  • Distance – Based on the ‘shortest designated route’ being measured from home to school.

The context for reviewing this category in the over-subscription criteria is:

  • The growth of new housing due to Housing targets and designated housing Zones makes it difficult for the Admissions Team to administer
  • As the number of applications rise within each PAA the numbers of successful applicants reduce 
  • The current system of PAA is difficult for parents/carers to understand their chances of gaining a place.
  • Currently a child living outside a PAA may live closer to a chosen school than a child who is within the PAA 
  • The Admissions database requires significant maintenance of new addresses to ensure that PAA is kept up to date
  • In line with the current School Admission Code (December 2014) the proposed distance criterion is considered reasonable, clear, objective, procedurally fair, and complies with all the relevant legislation and does not disadvantage unfairly, either directly or indirectly, a child from a particular social or racial group.
  • Distance criterion is considered by the Admission Code to be an acceptable oversubscription criteria.
  • Distance from home to school is the same oversubscription criteria which is used for the Secondary Community School in Hounslow
  • The Neighbouring Local Authorities to Hounslow Council have also removed the use of catchment areas which would mean regardless of the location of a school there is a consistent response in the oversubscription criteria being applied.

The full Proposed Admissions Arrangements for 2019-2010 can be downloaded here

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If you have any comments on the proposed arrangements, please email  Annie Haines or write to 
School Admissions
The London Borough of Hounslow
Civic Centre
Lampton Road

Comments should be received by Friday 8 December 2017.

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