Keeping council homes and high rises safe

This page describes what we're doing as a landlord to keep council-owned residential buildings safe. This is in line with the Building Safety Act 2022.

What we're doing

We have safety measures in place for our residential buildings that are:

  • seven or more floors or over 18 metres high
  • five or more floors or over 11 metres high

For buildings of seven or more floors:

  • priority inspection programme, comprising:
    • fire risk assessment of external wall 
    • type 4 fire risk assessment
    • fire door replacement programme
  • regular building safety inspections, comprising inspections of:
    • fire doors
    • building perimeter
    • building structure

For buildings of five or more floors:

  • regular fire door inspections

Regular building safety inspections

Fire doors

We inspect:

  • all communal area doors four times a year
  • all flat entrance doors once a year

Our inspections include checking the doors' self-closing devices.

We provide annual information on fire door safety in communal areas of relevant blocks. This is in addition to information about fire risk assessments,

This information:

  • assists you in your role as a residents in keeping your building safe, for example by:
    • stressing the importance of fire doors
    • instruting you to never wedge fire doors open or tamper with self-closing devices
  • encourages transparency and makes it clear why we want to access your home to make checks

Building perimeter and structure

Building safety managers make monthly inspections, following a check list that covers items such as:

  • housekeeping (bulk loads/combustible items)
  • blocking of communal areas in the building and outside
  • inspecting all fire doors
  • inspecting roof area
  • looking for issues with safety equipment

We write to residents to let them know when next inspections are taking place. You can join building safefy managers on their inspections if you wish.

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