Recycle your coffee pods with Podback

Frequently Asked Questions

What to do if your Podback bags are not collected

If your pods have not been collected, please take them back inside your property and put out again on your next scheduled collection.  If you have had multiple missed collections, please let us know by contacting Podback

The recycling crews will collect all Podback recycling bags that are clearly visible, securely tied and not split or overflowing.

It may be that the crew had to leave the bags as they contained the wrong materials. Please make sure your bags only contain coffee pods and are not filled with liquids or packaging. If the bags do contain the wrong materials or lots of liquid, please remove these before putting them out on your next collection.


What types of coffee pods can be recycled?

Plastic and aluminium pods for coffee, tea, hot chocolate and milk from participating Podback member brands can be recycled using Podback collection bags. When you sign up on the Podback website you’ll be asked what brand of pods you use.

This is so you get the correct bag – white bags for aluminium pods, green bags for plastic pods. The two materials need to be collected separately as they are sent to different recycling facilities.


For more FAQs, visit Podback website.

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