Recycling and rubbish collections from your flat

Can you recycle more from your flat?

Are you able to recycle Cardboard, Plastic, Paper, Glass, Food Waste and Tin/Cans from your flat?

If the answer is no, please get in contact with us providing your name, address and managing agent details for us to make contact to increase or introduce all recycling types where you live!

Reduce, reuse, recycle: Our priority should always be to try to buy, consume and waste less. Here is what you can do with some common household items:



  • Recycle at local supermarkets or at the reuse and recycle centre. DO NOT PUT IN REFUSE BIN.

Small Electrical Items:


  • Donate good quality unwanted furniture to the Hounslow furniture project (chargeable service) -
  • Give your unwanted furniture a second life and give this away through the freegle app

Getting rid of large items?

Don't just dump it - call us to arrange a collection (chargeable service) on 0208583555 or visit

You will need your managing agent's approval to store your waste in a communal area before calling us to book a collection.

Please clearly label the items with the date of collection and service request number which will be provided upon booking.

Alternatively, you can use our Reuse and Recycling site to dispose of your bulky items more information and to make a booking please visit 



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