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Don’t let your Halloween Pumpkins go to waste

Looking for a scare this Halloween? New research from sustainability charity Hubbub has revealed that a terrifying 12.8 million pumpkins are expected to be left uneaten this Halloween - in the UK alone! That’s equal to 67% of UK families throwing away one pumpkin each!

We want to encourage you to carve out a different ending for your pumpkins this Halloween! Rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, pumpkins are very nutritious and definitely worth saving from the bin. Love Food Hate Waste have some eerie-sistable recipes for you to follow to make the most of your pumpkins including smokey pumpkin seeds and pumpkin seed brownie! With any remaining pumpkin waste you do have, remember that this can be recycled in your food waste bin!

Still stuck for ideas of what to do with your pumpkin? Hubbub have come up with 5 things to do with your pumpkin instead of putting it in the bin.

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