Your questions answered - weekly recycling collections

Red recycling box - plastic and metal cans

What do I recycle in the new red recycling box?

The red recycling box is for all plastic drinks bottles, shampoo/shower gel bottles, cleaning product bottles (e.g. bathroom/kitchen cleaners, bleach) yogurt and soup pots, margarine, butter and ice cream tubs. You should also put drink cans, food tins, aluminium foil, aluminium foil trays (e.g. take-away trays) and aerosol cans into your red recycling box. Please make sure aerosol cans are empty before placing them in your red recycling box.

We cannot collect any of the following items from your red box as these cannot be recycled: plastic carrier bags, ANY plastic wrapping and packaging (e.g. crisp packets, plastic bread bags, plastic nappy packaging etc.). Please put these non-recyclable items in your black wheelie bin.

For more information, please go to or you can look at to your dedicated leaflets on the new recycling and waste service which you have received.

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