Glass recycling in your green box

glass bottles and jars recyclingGlass bottle and jar green recycling box




Your glass bottles and jars recycling is collected weekly on your normal collection day.

Find your collection day

What we accept

green tick

  • Glass bottles
  • Glass Jars

What we do not accept

red cross

  • Window glass
  • Pyrex (or similar)
  • Glass tumblers etc.
  • Glass jar lids

What happens to the collected glass?

The collectors will separate out the glass and store it in a different compartment on the vehicle.

Once collected, the glass is sent to a re-processor where the glass is colour separated, processed and resold to glass bottle and jar manufacturers. Any left-over glass is used as an aggregate replacement in construction.

Alternative services

You can take your recycling and household / garden waste free of charge to Space Waye Reuse and Recycling Centre. If Space Waye is closed, there are alternative re-use and recycling sites available in West London.

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