Paper and card recycling in your Blue Box

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Your Blue Box is collected weekly.

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  • Cardboard (boxes must be flattened and pieces should be no bigger than 70x70cm)
  • Paper
  • Newspapers
  • Catalogues, Magazines and Directories
  • Envelopes
  • Tetra paks (e.g. milk and juice cartons - ensuring to remove your lids)

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  • Shredded paper (please place in the kitchen caddy - small quantities only)
  • Plastic sleeves (e.g. covers of magazines, cards etc.)
  • Coated paper (e.g. plastic, foil, glitter etc.)

These items should be placed in your black wheelie bin.

All recycling should be presented loose inside your box.

Why don't we accept shredded paper?

Shredded paper is not accepted for recycling at our Material Handling Facility, however, small quantities can be included in your food waste bin. Shredded paper placed in your Blue Box can pose issues with the sorting machinery. Shredded paper strands are deemed too short by our recycled paper manufacturers. Alternatively you can use shredded paper for pet and animal bedding, or you can compost this at home. 

Why do you need to flatten your cardboard boxes?

Cardboard boxes need to flattened and broken down into a manageable size, (less than 70x70cm) in order for the crew to deposit it into the collection vehicle. If boxes are bigger than 70cm and are not flattened these will not be collected. Alternatively, you can also take larger boxes to Spacewaye or other local amenity sites.

What happens to the collected paper?

The collection crew sort the mixed paper and card into separate compartments on the collection vehicle. At the Materials Handling Facility in Southall Lane the paper and cardboard are baled separately and sold on to reprocessing mills.

Where does my recycling go?

Alternative services

You can take your Recycling and Household / Garden Waste free of charge to Space Waye Reuse and Recycling Centre. There are alternative re-use and recycling sites available in West London.

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