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Secondary school children

Adolescence is the fastest changing period of development after infancy.  It can represent a crossroads in life and a time of setting new and positive norms. It is an important life stage for intervention.

The Young People’s Health and Wellbeing Framework, published in 2015 addresses the request by the Chief Medical Officer in her 2012 Annual Report that Public Health England (PHE) should consider the specific needs of this age group. It sets out at a high level a way of thinking about young people’s health, taking an asset based approach, and focusing on wellbeing and resilience. It describes six core principles which will promote a more effective, integrated response to needs.

Developed alongside the Framework, the Young People's Profiles allow areas to see how they perform against the national average and against other areas when considering the key public health outcomes for young people. This factsheet presents relevant data at a local level, where available to supplement the Framework.


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