Road maintenance in Hounslow

Hounslow’s highways have been managed under contract by Hounslow Highways since January 2013.

Since taking over, a significant amount of work has been undertaken including the resurfacing of approximately 206km of carriageways and 230km of footpaths, 15,093 street lights replaced with new LED lanterns, the refurbishment of five major structures, and the replacement of 13,336 traffic signs.

Hounslow Highways has worked hard to complete all of this whilst continuing to deliver street cleaning, removal of fly tips, and managing trees and grounds maintenance. 

Quality of maintenance

Hounslow’s roads, footways, bridges, street lights and drainage have emerged on top in London Council’s first ever State of the City Report on London’s Highways.

The report which provides key information on numbers, condition and funding found that out of 32 London boroughs, only Westminster and Hounslow have a low maintenance backlog which shows how well Hounslow Highways is doing in maintaining the roads and highways in our borough, despite more issues developing all the time.

More information on what works Hounslow Highways have carried out since 2013

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