Report dumped rubbish on streets

Please note that following a technical error with the new online reporting system, reporting of issues has reverted back to a link to the Hounslow Highways website. The new reporting system will be reinstated once issues have been resolved.

Report dumped rubbish 

Our partners at Hounslow Highways are responsible for picking up dumped rubbish on streets.

Record as much detail as possible

Reporting the activity immediately will help us in our fight against this illegal activity. All the information your report is important and will be treated confidentially.

Remember, do not approach any individuals and do not put yourself in any danger.

If you can also take photos as evidence please do so.

Important details to record are:

  • the location of the dumped rubbish – either the address or local landmarks
  • a description of the rubbish e.g. builders rubble, or household furniture
  • the date and time that you saw the fly-tippers in action or discovered the rubbish
  • a description of the people you saw (e.g. sex, hair colour, height)
  • if there was a vehicle involved what was the make, model, colour and registration number and if there was any distinguishing features or signs on the vehicle

We will visit the scene to establish the quantity of rubbish and if it is our responsibility, and we will remove it. We will also look for evidence, with a view to prosecuting offenders.

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